About library

About library

The early history of the Library starts in 1922 when the first public Municipal Library was established.

Upper Nitra Library  in Prievidza is cultural, informative and educational institution with its methodical, coordinative and bibliographic function which operates within Prievidza and Partizánske County.

The Library gathers, proccesses, maintains and makes available the universal library reference collection with the particular emphasis to regional documents. The collection currently is comprised of over 96 100 books.

Documents come in  many formats including 96 100 books, 100 periodicals – a number of which are available online, CDs and DVDs.

The Library provides informative service to all categories of population and gives citizens general unlimited access to publicly accessible documents and information. It supports lifetime education and mental development of population. It also provides internet access, special library -informative service, databases and resouces, ILS – Interlibrary Loan Service and IILS – International Interlibrary Loan Service.

ISIL code: SK-6KACRA03926